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I will write this in English as my French isn't sufficient.

In the past I have migrated from cpanel to n0c twice... and twice had a lot of trouble because of breaking changes that were not documented prior to migration. Every time the support team told me it was impossible to roll-back to cpanel. In the end, they - as a matter of "geste" - put back a backup from before the migration. So I ended up loosing mails because of the migration, and then another set of mails because of the restore.

One obvious feature would be: document migration differences

  • what features will be the same after migration
  • what features will be different after migration
  • what features are not yet implemented but are on the roadmap
  • what is this roadmap

Forcing users to migrate to a different platform without knowing what features work and not... is worriesome at best.

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I hope everything is going well.

We have two ongoing developments to highlight:

a) PostgreSQL

b) Enhancements in the email section, including a catch-all feature but you have an enterprise-level anti-spam solution in place.

Our team send this email when you wish to migration to N0C :



We sincerely thank you for your trust in PlanetHoster.

We are delighted to introduce you to the N0C solution, a significant leap in terms of performance and functionality.

=> Can you please confirm that we can proceed? <=

What is N0C? N0C is much more than just a web hosting platform. It is a complete solution from A to Z, encompassing infrastructure, software, and much more. It has been custom-built to meet the unique needs of web professionals such as webmasters, SEO experts, designers, and more. N0C integrates the latest web standards and offers fine-grained management of all aspects of hosting, along with a horizontally scalable model. Each website has its own unique space and is hosted on a separate infrastructure, in France and/or Canada. Furthermore, N0C is a "White-label" solution, allowing you to add a customized logo for your brand if desired.

Here is a summary of the new features:


  • Messaging: the ability to configure authentication methods for your email addresses.
  • Domains: the addition of access logs to monitor access to your website.
  • Domains: the introduction of a new action in domain management to simplify SSL certificate renewal.
  • A new security section for optimal domain security management.
  • Integration of N0C WordPress for easy installation and management of WordPress on your web hosting.
  • A new Backup section for easy file or database restoration.
  • WAF history and custom rules are now available.


  • Simplification of the CMS/Applications section.
  • Improved visitor statistics by domain.
  • Improved visibility of disk usage statistics.
  • Revision of server performance charts for better comprehensibility.
  • Simplification of the Crons section for easier use.
  • Streamlined DNS zone management for an optimal user experience.

How does N0C differ from cPanel? N0C was developed using modern and efficient programming languages. It is not only faster but also much lighter than cPanel. Additionally, it provides web professionals with modern tools for detailed hosting management, including full access to logs, visitor statistics, resources, and more. While cPanel is an excellent control panel that we will continue to offer and support alongside N0C, it is important to note that cPanel was acquired by a venture capital company nearly a year ago, which unfortunately puts its future at risk. Furthermore, cPanel is based on an outdated and complex-to-maintain language. N0C has been designed to meet the high demands of webmasters and can be customized to reflect your company's image.

The cPanel to N0C migration process is largely automated.

However, please consider the following points:

1- If your domains are hosted with PH, the DNS will be automatically updated. Otherwise, you will need to update them with your provider. The DNS addresses are:,,

2- After the migration, please update the password for additional FTP accounts and email addresses in the N0C panel to access them.

3- The generation of a new SSL certificate may take 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the speed of DNS changes.

4- Please note that Postgresql is not available on N0C.

5- You will need to recreate email redirects after the migration.

6- Our development team has replaced Softaculous with an exclusive solution called N0C CMS. This allows you to install WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, Opencart, etc., with just one click.


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